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Ilyass Seddoug / Unsplash

Ilyass Seddoug / Unsplash


15th May 2023

Location: Mediterranean City, Amadria Park Šibenik

Location: Mediterranean City, Amadria Park Šibenik

18:00 – 20:00 Partner Summit (Partner Only)
Convention Centre Amadria / Level -1

20:30 – 21:30 Dinner
Location: Hotel Ivan Restaurant

21:30 – 23:30 Get together VMware Forum Adria Party
Location: Hotel Ivan Night Club

Partner Summit Agenda

16th May 2023

Keynote / Plenary Sessions

09:40 - 10:15
Move Fast and Be Free in a Multi-Cloud World
Bjoern Brundert, Principal Technologist, Office of the CTO, VMware
Markus Klein, Senior Director, Solution Engineering, CEMEA, VMware

Get flexibility and control. Go beyond the Cloud chaos with multi-cloud services for IT and Cloud infrastructure, Cloud management, Security and Networking, and Anywhere Workspaces.

10:15 - 10:40
Enterprise storage is critical to VMware, data center, and hybrid cloud deployments
Eric Herzog, Chief Marketing Officer, Infinidat

Enterprise storage is critical to VMware, data center, and hybrid cloud deployments. Infinidat will focus on several key aspects of enterprise storage including VMware integration, cyber storage resilience, and the costs associated with enterprise storage.

10:40 - 11:05
The present is a point just passed
Aleksandar Aksentijević, SDI Consultant, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group EMEA

A successful cloud strategy means thinking about the whole lifecycle – from securely and rapidly migrating your data, to managing it all, and helping it grow with you. Lenovo and VMware have a shared vision of making infrastructure invisible – so you’re free to innovate with cloud and on-premise applications. Simplify your IT infrastructure – focus on the applications that drive the business instead of spending a lot of time and effort on infrastructure management. Lenovo infrastructure solutions powered by Intel® processors provide an agile hybrid multi-cloud platform.

Break out Sessions

11:45 - 12:05
Implementing Network Services using VMware Cloud Director
Mate Brzica, Marko Keča

In this session, we will explore how VMware Cloud Director is used in combination with VMware NSX and VMware NSX ALB to help deliver a comprehensive set of Networking, Security, and Load Balancing services for your Cloud environment.

12:05 - 12:25
Lord of the Cloud – a 10-year long journey from the single product solution to multi cloud offering
Sabina Frketić, Marijo Čerkezović

Join us on a 10-year long journey which began as a fellowship of the Cloud enthusiasts building one of the first public Cloud VPS offerings in the region. Which later transformed into The Two Towers stretching across two datacenters providing uninterrupted VPS service to hundreds of customers with special focus on the most complex upgrade project in our Cloud portfolio. 10 years later The Return of the King is here, full blown software defined VMware Cloud offering, based on best of products and solutions that todays’ tech industry has to offer. We proudly present One Cloud to rule them all – VPS Service by HT Group, powered by VMware!

Wrap up / Closing / Evening Program

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